Let’s find out how to get small loans without a payslip and what are the alternative requirements and guarantees to present to get a small loan anyway, even if you are unemployed, housewives, protesters or something else. Those who request a loan to realize a project or to cope with an unexpected expense do not always need particularly high amounts: often a little help is enough, but to be able to obtain it it is necessary to possess the requisites indicated by the banks and the financial institutions. Let’s see what solutions are available to people who cannot present a payslip to prove the presence of an income.

Small loans without payroll and without guarantees, online and fast

 Small loans without payroll and without guarantees, online and fast

Those who are looking for a loan will find that there are so many credit institutions and loan proposals are truly endless. The web has become a very useful tool also in this particular sector, since it allows to identify the best offers and to compare them. The term small loans indicates those loans characterized by not particularly high amounts (ranging from a minimum of 500 euros to a maximum that, depending on the option chosen, can reach 1,500. 3,000 or 5,000 euros). Many think that loans with such low amounts are not very useful, but obviously they are wrong, because these forms of financing are increasingly sought after.

But we are interested in finding out if it is possible to request a small loan without a payslip. To obtain a loan, regardless of the amount requested, you must meet the fundamental requirements : you must be of legal age and must be at least 75 years old at the end of the repayment plan (in some cases the maximum is fixed at 70 years), you need to have a good credit history (so few hopes for protesters and bad payers) and you need to earn an income. Moreover, together with the identity card and the tax code, it is mandatory to transmit to the institution a document certifying the presence of this income.

Who works as an employee he does not have any kind of problem, because every month, when he is paid the salary received from the employer the pay, which is the document that summarizes all the elements that contribute to wage formation. Problems arise for all those people who do not fit into this category of workers and do not receive a prospect of this type. By reading more carefully the information sheets provided by the credit institutions, it is clear that pensioners have the possibility of using their coupon to be able to demonstrate the presence of income, while self-employed workers can present their Unique Model (complete with receipt of payment with model F24).

But the people who may be interested in small loans without pay are above all others: just to make a list as an example we can mention the unemployed, young people (students or job seekers), housewives, irregular workers and temporary workers. These are very different categories, but they have one thing in common: they do not have the possibility of transmitting a payslip or other type of income document to the bank or finance company. This causes many difficulties if you are looking for a personal loan, but fortunately over the last few years (also thanks to the delicate economic moment that is going through) credit institutions have shown themselves to be a little more flexible.

This does not mean that banks provide loans to anyone (indeed…), but simply means that the institutions have realized that the number of people in a situation of this type is constantly increasing; the market for loans without payroll could be a risk, but also a good opportunity. Being able to obtain a loan of this type is therefore difficult, but not impossible, especially if the requested amounts are limited (and therefore the loan represents a lower risk for the lending bank. The advent of the web (as we have already said before) has the sector has strongly changed: today in fact it is possible to also request loans without fast paychecks directly online through the official sites of credit institutions: the telematic sending of the request and the risk reduced by the reduced amount of the amounts involved are two aspects that can contribute not a little to the speed of the entire operation.

Small loan without payslip with guarantor

 Small loan without payslip with guarantor

Naturally, no bank in the world would decide to provide loans without a payslip without first having made an assessment of the potential repayment capacity of the potential customer. And here the so-called alternative guarantees come into play. If you cannot prove that you have earned income from work or retirement by showing a payslip, a payslip or a unique model, you must try to convince the bank of your ability to repay with other types of collateral: for example, you can prove that you receive a constant income over time (for example the maintenance allowance of the former spouse or the rent received for a property leased, or the rent guaranteed by a financial investment) or a mortgage can be offered on a building.

The solution of the mortgage is usually not well seen by credit institutions (especially when small loans are requested, as in this case), while the most welcome option is the presence of a guarantor. The guarantor is a third person who undertakes to pay the repayment installments when the principal debtor does not. Not everyone can take on this commitment: only people who are considered reliable and financially stable by banks and financial institutions can play this role. This means that the proposed person must have a high enough income to be able to bear the payment of the installments without difficulty (usually the sum of the monthly commitments linked to the loans must not exceed 30% of the fee) and must have an immaculate credit history. If he also owns a property, even better. Usually the closest family members are proposed for this role (for example the parent or spouse), but the bank does not care if there is any kind of relationship between the debtor and the guarantor: the only thing that matters is his reliability..

Each credit institution individually assesses each request for a small loan without a payslip for unemployed or housewives (both online and at the branch desk), so it is not certain that the presence of an alternative guarantee ensures the disbursement of the loan. Obviously, if the amount is reduced, the banks can be slightly more flexible (because in the event of insolvency the sums lost will still be contained) and above all the presence of the guarantor can increase the possibility that the loan application is accepted. Before submitting the request, however, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the various proposals to identify those that provide the most suitable conditions for your needs and possibilities.

Small loan offers without payroll: rates, simulations and examples

There are many aspects to consider when you have to ask for a small loan without a payslip: beyond the availability or otherwise of the institution to grant solutions of this type and to the times required for the disbursement (who proceeds with the online requests usually it has an advantage from this point of view) it is necessary to check well which are the guarantees required, to verify if the subscription of an insurance cover is foreseen, the interest rate applied by the lender and the total cost of the operation (later we will talk about its own this, of the difference between TAN and APR ). Let us now summarize the solutions proposed by the banks and the most important financial institutions, always remembering that we refer to small loans without pay required in the presence of a guarantor.

Small loans without payroll Bank

Bank makes it possible to obtain small loans without a payslip within a very short timeframe: in the event of a positive outcome, the disbursement of the amounts granted takes place within 48 hours from the time the request is accepted. Bank loans are characterized by the flexibility with which it is possible to manage the repayment thanks to the jump in the installment or to the modification of the installment amount (which consequently also changes the duration of the loan). The loan can be requested at the branch (you can book an appointment directly through the official website www.agos.it ) or online. Always through the site it is possible to make simulations to obtain immediate estimates. Let’s take a couple of examples of a small loan without a payslip delivered by Bank:

  • A loan of 1,500 euros can be repaid in minimum 6 months and maximum 24 months; those who choose to return in two years will have to pay 24 installments of 66.41 euros, with a TAN 5.90% and an APR 6.06%.
  • A loan of 5,000 euros can be returned in minimum 12 and maximum 120 months; those who choose to return in two years will have to pay 24 monthly installments of 221.40 euros, with TAN 4.94% and APR 7.93%.

Small loans without payroll Private Bank

Private Bank is a company that is part of the Mediobanca Group: among the products offered there are also different types of personal loans that are distinguished on the basis of the degree of flexibility: the Easy loan allows you to activate the Jump option to skip the installment or the Change option to change the amount (with Easy Flex you have both options available), the Jump loan allows you to skip an installment per year without costs (up to a maximum of five times during the entire repayment plan), while the Totale Flex loan makes it possible to reduce the amount of the installment, skip the payment (up to a maximum of five times) and to pay off the debt in advance without any cost. Also the Private Bank site allows you to do online simulations with the Calculate your installment tool: let’s take advantage of it to give an example:

  • A small loan without a payslip of 5,000 euros can be returned in minimum 24 and maximum 84 months; those who choose to return in two years will have to pay 24 monthly installments of 235.10 euros, with TAN 9.90% and APR 13.33%.

For those in search of a liquidity reserve that is always available, Private Bank makes the minicredito available: a 1,500 euro reserve that can be used and recharged through repayment in installments of 50 or 100 euros per month (TAN 16% and maximum APR 23, 30%). Private Bank loans cannot be requested online, but only in the branch: the company has more than 170 points of sale and to locate the nearest one and make an appointment you can take advantage of the tools available on the website.

Bank small loans without payroll

Even Bank offers different solutions, each of which is designed according to the type of project you intend to carry out (even if you have to indicate a purpose, we always remain in the field of personal loans, with the sums that are credited to the applicant’s account): there are funding for those who want to buy a new or used vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat, camper) for those who want to make a real estate investment (purchase of a house, a garage or land), for those who have to pay for the home (purchase of furniture, appliances, renovations, photovoltaic panels and so on), for those who have to bear costs for various projects (ceremonies, studies, medical care, holidays, taxes and legal fees and more). Here too we use the online simulator to give a couple of examples of small loans without payroll:

  • A € 1,500 loan required for the purchase of a new computer can be repaid in minimum 18 and maximum 30 months; those who choose reimbursement in two years will have to pay 24 monthly installments of 68.90 euros, with TAN 9.54% and APR 9.96%;
  • A 5,000 euro loan required for the organization of a ceremony can be reimbursed in a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 84 months; those who choose reimbursement in two years will have to pay 24 monthly installments of 224.90 euros, with 7.45% TAN and 7.71% APR.

Pay Credit Mini Loan without Bank payslip and Bank loans

For some years now, Bank has also joined the institutions active in the credit world; among the various Bank Loans issued there are also those for consolidation (from 3,000 to 50,000 euros) and for home restructuring (from 10,000 to 60,000 euros), but those looking for a small loan without a payslip are certainly more interested in proposals that allow the entry of lower amounts. There is a specific offer reserved for Pay Credit card holders: we are talking about the Bank Mini Loan without payslip, which allows you to get amounts of 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 euros to be returned with 22 fixed monthly installments.

Those who do not have a Pay Credit card can still request a traditional Bank Loan : it allows them to obtain amounts starting from 3,000 euros, with repayments that can have a minimum duration of 24 months. Unfortunately, on the official website of Bank there is no simulator available that allows you to do the online installment calculation, so to understand what are the conditions applied on the Bank Loan we have to take a look at the information sheets. When it offers loans of this type, Bank acts as an intermediary, since in reality they are provided by Deutsche Bank, Central Bank and Private Bank. Each of these three companies applies its conditions: with Deutsche Bank there is a maximum TAN of 8.90% and a maximum APR of 10.24%; with Bank you have a maximum TAN of 9.50% and a maximum APR of 10.26%, with Private Bank you have a maximum TAN of 11.90% and a maximum APR of 13.23%.

Small loans without payslip Fast Credit

We close by taking a look at the small loans without payroll provided by Fast Credit. Those who need small amounts may be interested in Easy Credit Easy, which allows them to obtain amounts between € 1,000 and € 5,000. The request can be made simply with your smartphone thanks to the official Fast Credit Mobile App App. But be careful: these small loans can only be requested by those who have already held a current account at the institute for at least 6 months, activated the Internet Banking service and are among the pre-evaluated customers. The repayment plan can last from 12 to 36 months and the interest rate is fixed at 6.90%; here is the example:

  • A Easy Credit Easy loan of € 3,018.29 can be repaid in 24 months with the payment of installments of € 135 with a fixed TAN of 6.90% and an APR of 8.23%.

Those who do not meet the requirements to apply for the small loan without a payslip that we have just seen can try another way, that of CreditExoress Dynamic, the loan that allows for amounts starting from 2,000 euros and that can be managed thanks to the options of Installment Change, Installment or Loan Reload. Funding can be requested online if you are already a prepaid current account holder for at least 6 months, otherwise you will have to go in person to one of the bank’s branches (perhaps after booking an appointment via the website www.unicredit.it ). Also for this solution we give an example:

  • A Easy Credit Dynamic loan of 4,000 euros can be repaid in 36 months with the payment of installments of 129.44 euros (TAN 10.20% and APR 11.92%), in 64 months with the payment of installments of 81.29 euros (TAN 10.20% and APR 11.51%) or in 84 months with the payment of installments of 66.82 euros (TAN 10.20% and APR 11.36%).

Since we are on the subject of small loans without payroll it may be interesting to get to know two other products provided by Fast Credit

Credit on pawn : it allows you to quickly obtain sums of money by offering a valuable item as a guarantee; this type of loan can be requested at one of the 35 credit branches on the Italian territory, where there are qualified appraisers; naturally the amounts disbursed are commensurate with the value of the asset that is given as a guarantee, which will be kept in adequately protected environments. If the debtor does not return to redeem the asset, it will be sold at auction.

Fast Credit Ad Honorem : is the Fast Credit honor loan, reserved for students resident in Italy who attend one of the affiliated universities; in practice we are talking about a credit line granted without the need to present any guarantee ) which turns into a personal loan at the end of the course of study; the maximum amount of the credit line amounts to 27,700 euros, while the repayment plan can range from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 180 months; the applied TAN is equal to the EURIRS parameter plus the commercial spread.

Comparison of small loans without better pay and how to request them

 Comparison of small loans without better pay and how to request them

As we have just seen, there are so many small loan solutions without payroll available and to decide which is more in line with your needs, you need to make a careful comparison of their characteristics. Those looking for the most cost-effective solution will have to take a look at the TAN and the APR. The TAN is the annual nominative rate, or the interest rate that is applied by the lender, while the APR is the annual percentage rate, a percentage that expresses the total cost of the loan (taking into account both the interests and all the other charges). The cheapest loan will therefore be the one with the lowest APR, but in any case it will be better to check well that there are no further costs not included in this rate.

A large part of the small loans without payroll that we have just listed can be requested directly online through the pages of the official websites of the lending institutions: this solution is particularly convenient and generally allows to shorten the time of the operation, but since we are by employing people who are interested in obtaining a loan without possessing all the required requisites (there is neither the income nor the document proving their presence), perhaps it would be better to opt for a “face to face” interview with the bank staff or of the financial company. To find the nearest branch it is sufficient to go to the site of the institute: in many cases there is also the tool that allows you to book an appointment, thus avoiding having to make endless queues before entering the offices.