When running a business or small business, it is worth knowing about the ways of financial support for our business. People who are just developing are often looking for additional, often necessary resources. To ensure its proper stimulation, it is worth considering one of the financing methods discussed below.

As many entrepreneurs have convinced, setting up and starting up a new business in the form of an enterprise is not a light and pleasant one. When we get through the bureaucratic path, we will pay all the necessary fees and register our company in the appropriate register – this is just the beginning. The biggest challenge is often turning up our business and making it run smoothly. This amounts to a total of 69% of the European Union budget, thus being the most important source of financing. The most affluent Member States are required to pay d viable. Then we need to demonstrate good management skills, adequate financial management and a feeling for the market or a specific niche in which we operate.

We do not have to wait for everything to follow the natural path and achieve the desired financial liquidity. In addition to loans for companies, we can apply for co-financing companies and apply for cash from various titles. Among the various ways of co-financing from the state, it is worth distinguishing two main categories:

  • State funding – we obtain it from Polish state authorities and from funds available to the European Union
  • Private co-financing – we obtain it in a slightly different way, applying for example to investors’ attention, if they see the potential for development in our company

Co-financing for companies – types in the state variant

We chose the two most interesting and popular ways to co-finance our company.

Co-financing from the Labor Office

Co-financing from the Labor Office

This is most often they are used by people who are just planning to open a company. For companies that have this stage behind them, financial support is also foreseen. If, for example, we want to expand the profile of our business while running a business and we need to buy the necessary equipment for this – then we can receive funding for this purpose. We must meet only a specific condition – as the required period of employment and maintenance of created jobs is at least 2 years. The maximum amount that we can apply for equipping 1 workstation can not exceed 6 times the average salary, which is currently just over PLN 25.3 thousand.

To receive a refund, it is necessary to submit an appropriate application in the poviat employment office. We go to the one that is compatible with our registered address. An application in which we submit for covering the costs of equipment or retrofitting the work station is made before we hire a new employee to service the said equipment. We must meet the following steps:

  • we submit a written application to the Labor Office
  • we sign an appropriate agreement with the Office
  • we obtain the necessary funding
  • we make the necessary purchases
  • to work!


The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is another one of the most popular intermediaries in the assistance offered by state institutions. PARP supports entrepreneurs by transferring funds from both the European Union and the Polish state budget. In the years 2014 – 2020, PARP is responsible for the implementation of activities that are defined in three operational programs. Their varied goals were also distinguished.

The goal set by the agency in implementing the said program is to grant funds for undertakings that increase the innovativeness of the economy and cooperation between the business sector and the science sector . The following selected activities are taken into account:

  • Research on the market – in this case, projects are co-financed, which act as the implementation of results of R & D works. Their effect must be the introduction of new or specifically improved goods and services to the market. The subject of the project may also be experimental development works. The co-financing can amount to up to PLN 20 million.
  • Go to brand – funds are given to us in order to encourage us to engage in intensive and committed advertising of our brand. For this purpose, we can obtain up to PLN 850,000 to pay for a professional consultant in the promotion, and, above all, participate in all kinds of participation in fairs, exhibitions, trade missions or conferences.
  • Grants for design – money for companies involved in the design industry, mainly everyday objects. In this way, we receive the support of professional designers who help us to create a unique design such as cabinets, chairs, tables, etc. PLN 2.5 million is foreseen for assistance, which can be obtained by no more than 4 best companies on the Polish market.
  • Pro-innovative services for SMEs – it is possible to receive support when implementing a new product on the market or modernizing the existing one. Money can offload business finance or, for example, help streamline the production process. Co-financing is usually about PLN 350,000 for services and an additional PLN 700,000 for the investment itself.


  • Vouchers for innovations for SMEs – financial support for creating an exceptionally innovative project. Support for, for example, refining the idea by professionals can amount to up to PLN 340,000.
  • Internationalization of national key clusters – in this situation, we can get up to PLN 6 million in support for gaining new markets. However, the program is addressed only to the so-called cluster coordinators. One cluster must consist of at least 10 other companies.
  • 4 stock – this is a comprehensive funding for companies that plan to enter the stock market without adequate resources. We receive then up to 800,000 PLN of financial support.
  • Loan Fund for Innovation – it grants from 200,000 to even PLN 2 million financial support for enterprises and companies that are not listed on any global and national stock exchange. The Loan Fund requires the involvement of private capital by the Business Angel (see below) or the Venture Capital Fund. The investor must provide the borrower with at least the same amount as is included in the requested long-term loan .

Co-financing for companies – types in the private option

Business angels

The aforementioned second, from the ways for private co-financing. Business angels create a group of entrepreneurs who managed to succeed in business and, similarly to the following ones , accumulated the right amount of capital. Thanks to this, they can finance a young and growing company with prospects, taking over 50% of the company’s shares. This group is constantly growing. There are more and more such people in Poland. In addition to financial assistance, we also get the opportunity to take advantage of professional consulting services. In this way, we can easily acquire practical knowledge about running a successful business.

Venture Capital and Private Equity funds

The term Venture Capital is called free financial resources that private investors voluntarily provide for co-financing for growing companies. Financial assistance is available through appropriate funds. Against the background of the aforementioned business angels, Venture Capital has one important advantage – the financial possibilities in the support are much greater, but the principle of operation is similar – no more than 50% of our shares are taken over. When applying for this type of grant, we must remember that the assessment of the prospectiveness and attractiveness of our company in terms of investing is the responsibility of investors. To gain a chance, it is worth writing a comprehensive business plan.

If we succeed – we can count on investor support from 3 to even 6 years, if our cooperation proves to be profitable for the other party. It is not a loan in installments , so we do not owe anything. An additional feature of Venture Capital support is, similarly to the above, theoretical help in running a company. Experienced businessmen whose activities have worked well will certainly advise us on how to successfully succeed in the business sector. There will also be no comment on the proper disposition of money and criticism if we make mistakes.

It is also worth adding about the possibility of failure – when business turns out to be a failure – no one will take us to financial responsibility. An undoubted disadvantage is the loss of omnipotence in the company.


Crowdfunding is one of the biggest trends of recent years that we can see on the web. It consists in collecting money from donors for the purpose set by us. In this case, it will be to start our business. The success in looking for financing in the form of crowdfunding depends on the way of promoting our undertaking and the popularity it will gain.

The most popular portals used to search for donors include Pole Potrafi lub wspieram.to. We can encourage skeptics that the aforementioned method is becoming increasingly popular among Polish young entrepreneurs.