Month: April 2019

Socially Responsible or Ecological Investment Financial Investments

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  The essential SRI consists of investing in companies taking into account extra-financial criteria, mainly social and environmental; Specialized labels and rating agencies exist to certify the extra-financial performance of socially responsible investments; The performance of socially responsible investments is comparable to, or slightly better than, that of traditional investments. Principle and definition: what is […]

What Is The Difference Between A Down Payment And A Deposit? Secure Your Interests!

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  It is impossible to hide that we are constantly thinking about earning and saving money. Less often about the negligence and leakage of the household budget, from which small amounts are escaping each day. We do not think about the consequences of distinguishing specific expressions in the contract. However, the devil is in the […]

I Do not Pay Back my Money, What Threatens Me? When is the Bailiff?

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    It is difficult not to pay attention to widely advertised loan institutions. In the offers, a weekday appears as an extremely attractive offer for those in dire need of cash. Few formalities, unbalanced requirements and a quick award process attracts many. Particular attention should be paid, however, to obligations such as timely repayment […]